Musings and (Mis)adventures under the stars
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Hello, I’m Diane

I’m a Freelance Front-End Web Developer and Web Designer currently living somewhere in Southern California.

I’m an introvert who enjoys comfortable silences. Also, I’m a nocturnal person. My productivity level soars up as soon as as the sun sets down and would typically reach its all time high somewhere between 2am and 3am. So if you’re someone I know and have always wondered why I’m usually emailing you during the dead hour of the night –this is why. 😉


About the Site

Lovekismet is my personal space in the vast universe of the World Wide Web where I share my musings and (mis)adventures about pretty much anything under the sun (or stars) —which is really mostly just about my boring life. (Lol!) But still, I hope that I can help you or inspire you in whatever way through this blog.

Why Lovekismet? Simply because of my love for the word “kismet”. And though I don’t exactly believe in kismet, I like the idea of it. Plus I love cheesy romantic stuff so that pretty much sums up why I chose Lovekismet. 😉