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Sunday Currently Vol 4

Is it only me or is there someone else who feels like the days are quickly passing us by? Boy, February is almost over and in just a few days 2018 will be turning a new leaf and March is here. Woah… What is happening?!? Is Father Time playing some trick on us? Or is it Doctor Strange? (LOL) Anywho, here’s a quick peek to what I’m up to today in case someone wants to know —which I bet nobody does because I hardly even get readers on this blog! Hahaha. And do people still read...

Sunday Currently: Vol. 3

Yas! My first post for the year. Let’s celebrate!!! Woohoo! Cue in Bigbang’s Fantastic Baby… *~Wow, fantastic baby! Dance dance dance~* Okay, now that the last few bits of “celebratory mood” I have is out of my system, let’s go back to regular programming… LOL. So how is everyone’s 2018 doing so far? 🙂 I hope everyone’s doing okay and following through their 2018 goals. As for myself, well I still haven’t quite figured out what my...

Sunday Currently: Vol. 2

Hello Everyone! Since it’s Sunday once again, I thought why not do another “Sunday Currently” post since I have some time to spell —and by that I mean, I’m actually just procrastinating! LOL. Anyway, I can’t believe it’s December already and we’re just a few weeks away from the new year. Time really flies! And I hope everyone’s not stressing about the upcoming holidays, you know all the holiday shopping, parties and stuff, those things can get...

Entertainment Lately #1

I love my Korean Dramas. But I’m currently experiencing a “drama slump” and none of the currently airing dramas excites me. So I took this time to finally go through my Netflix watchlist and catch up on shows that I’ve been wanting to see.

Sunday Currently: Vol. 1

Happy Sunday! I hope whoever you are who is reading this, you are having a great day. And if you’re living in California, DST ended today so be sure to make that extra hour count. I used mine catching up on some much needed Z’s because I’m a bit sleep-deprived lately. Sunday is a day of rest after all. So I just made sure I spent my extra hour rightfully so. 😉

I’m Diane. I’m an introvert who likes to code and design websites when I’m not procrastinating. Yes, I procrastinate a lot. I’m also into hoarding stuff. I like collecting all things pretty. My current obsession: Stationery.

Other things I obsess over a lot: HTML and CSS, Movies, Music, KDramas, Kwon Ji Yong, Josh Hartnett, Henry Cavill, Artjournals, Memory-keeping, Skincare, Thai iced tea, KBBQ, Matcha/Green Tea, Ramen, Iceland, more?