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Sunday Currently: Vol. 1

Happy Sunday! I hope whoever you are who is reading this, you are having a great day. And if you’re living in California, DST ended today so be sure to make that extra hour count. I used mine catching up on some much needed Z’s because I’m a bit sleep-deprived lately. Sunday is a day of rest after all. So I just made sure I spent my extra hour rightfully so. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’m posting my first-ever “Sunday Currently” post today and being the “Serial Procrastinator” that I am, this is such an accomplishment. Lol. So without further ado, here’s a sneak peek of my current mental state and whatnots.



The Frankie Magazine I got from Barnes and Noble yesterday.

Yesterday’s happenings in my Hobonichi planner.

To an episode of The Mirror of the Witch. I already seen this Kdrama but while I still figure out what to watch next I’m playing it on the background. lol

What to binge watch next. I just finished watching 2 seasons of The Stranger Things and none of the currently airing Korean Dramas appeals to me.

Also, I don’t get the hype for The Stranger Things. Yes it was good. But it’s nothing like we haven’t seen before.The kids were superb though, acting-wise and I love the nostalgic retro feels the series evokes. Plus, all the easter eggs that give nods to all things 1980s were such a treat. Admittedly though, I just caught a few easter eggs. Because even if I was born in the ’80s, I grew up in the ’90s plus we live outside the US then, so most of it I just know because I read about it in the internet. Teehee!

For a travel opportunity in South Korea. Lol

To get some good night sleep. Haven’t been sleeping well these past few days.

Shirt and PJs.

Gloomy weather. Finally, the days are getting colder and I can finally feel Autumn. I’m sooo over with Summer!

A hot venti green tea latte sweetened with soy milk and vanilla syrup. πŸ™‚

My green tea latte fix.

A bit under the weather. Caught a cold a week ago and my throat still hurts.


And that’s about it. My first ever Sunday Currently post and I’m hoping this won’t be the last. Till my next post. πŸ™‚

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