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Entertainment Lately #1

I love my Korean Dramas. But I’m currently experiencing a “drama slump” and none of the currently airing dramas excites me. So I took this time to finally go through my Netflix watchlist and catch up on shows that I’ve been wanting to see.

So here’s 2 Netflix shows and a movie that I watched lately.


Stranger Things

I think something is wrong with me. Lol. Because I really don’t understand the hype for this show. I’m not saying it is bad show just that the storyline is nothing like we haven’t seen before. You can tell that the show was inspired by the many Scifi flicks that came out before it. So it really didn’t give me anything new. The kid actors were amazing though. They’re funny and nerdy. Reminded me of the “The Losers” gang in the movie It. (And oh Mike is Richie in It!) Acting-wise, the kids gave a pretty great and solid performance especially El (Millie Bobby Brown). Also, it has beautiful cinematography. I love the show’s retro feels, it’s nostalgia-inducing. So if you grew up in the ’80s you’ll definitely love all the throwbacks and references to that era. Overall, Stranger Things is a great watch. Definitely check it out, next time you run out of shows to watch.

13 Reasons Why

First thing that came into my mind after watching the last episode – are school these days this scary? And to think that a child spends most of his waking hours in school, I feel a pang of fear for my non-existent child. Of course, I know that this is just a work of fiction and it’s not fair to generalize. But can’t dismiss the fact that everything that Hannah experienced in the drama can happen in real life. So that kinda validates my fear… but actually I’m not sure if it’s really a valid fear since I still don’t have a child of my own… lol sorry if I’m not making any sense. Anyway, I find 13 Reasons Why somewhat heavy to watch. It’s sad, dark and tragic. You’ll feel all sorts of emotion, except joy. So if you don’t mind watching a heavy emotional drama that tackles a lot of sensitive issues, then give it a try. But this show is not for everyone.

Thor: Ragnarok

This film is by far the funniest Marvel film I’ve ever seen. Definitely gave me a good laugh. I was hoping though that Doctor Strange will join Thor’s “Revengers” but I’m okay with his cameo. And speaking of cameos, watch out for the others, they were such a treat. 🙂

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